My Not So Birthday, Birthday Dinner!

To give you a small bit of background to the story, my birthday is September 2nd. Yup it was the first day of school…  Anyway, I am not much of a party guy, I would much rather sit at home and relax, or be productive, especially if I have school the next day, so I told my family to not bother taking me out on the day of my birthday and instead wait until a Friday. The Friday of that week came along and my sister was coming to pick me up (if you remember from my previous blog, I said that my sister does not live with me, she lives in Mississauga) and then there was a thunderstorm, so my mom called her and told her to not bother coming again as it would be unsafe to continue coming, so my sister headed back home. The next week, my sister told me that I had to go on a Thursday and I was trying to explain to her how I felt about weekdays, but she was like “Miguel, Thursday is the only time I am free.” and I said “its okay, I could wait another couple of weeks.” and she replied “you must really not want sushi, I want sushi so we should next time I will be in Toronto, which is Thursday” and I said “okay… Do whatever…” you see I really love sushi and since she wanted it too, I figured it would be a selfless thing to do. Fast forward through the week to Thursday, I’m walking home with my friends and then I see an orange Mazda SUV and I was like “I think that is my sister”, my assumption was correct, my sister started to honk her horn and pretend to run me over (fun times with my sister), so I got in. My sister and my mom (whom was also in the car) had to run some errands, so we had to meet someone at McDonald’s and then we headed to sushi place, but they said that we have to wait until 5:30 and I believe it was around 4:30, so we decided to go to Walmart to pick up a few things, you see the reason why my sister did not want to go somewhere else is because she said it is a great place and it would be worth the wait, so yeah. Anyways, when we got there they were putting out the food, but the main reason my sister and I went there, was for the sushi so of course we ordered the sushi then went off to get some food at the buffet section. I grabbed a plate of mussels, this fish, I forget what it is called and another thing which I forget what it is called, its a type of shellfish though. After that, my sister and I ordered a lot of sushi and when I say a lot, I mean a lot, I ate like over 7-8 plates of sushi, I’m pretty sure you can tell this by now, but I absolutely love sushi! Later on I started to get desserts like this super good soup-type thing called red bean soup with tapioca, it tastes really great, I definitely recommend it. And I got a slice of birthday cake and everyone sang happy birthday to me, it felt kind of weird since it was not actually my birthday on that exact day, but hey, I felt loved. Once we finished eating, we went to meet my sister’s friend at No Frills and then we when home after purchasing some more things. When I got home I finished typing up something and sent it to my friend to print it for me as I had a tutorial for my first period the next day. Anyway I will not keep you any longer, but that was the story of my not so birthday, birthday dinner on Thursday, September 11th/ 2014.

P.S. my the restaurant is called Wasabi it is located at: 270 W Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Y9.


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