Not a Reading Journal

As the title of this blog states, this is not a reading journal, instead it is mainly a little side thing, which I am doing to talk a little bit about the book I am reading entitled: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I chose the book because it is different than the types of books I normally read, and since I want to be a more diverse reader because you learn a lot about yourself as you read more books, so by reading diverse books you really become self aware, which helps you to make better life decisions as well as cope with things as they are arise, since it helps you to put yourself in situations you may not ever encounter, but it shows you where your head is at. Basically the book is about a girl named Lara Jean who writes love letters to the boys who she has loved. She addresses them and puts them into a teal hatbox, which her mom gave her before she passed away. One day, her dad is in the cleaning mood and decides to donate things to charity and he unknowingly mails out the box, and all the boys who she wrote letters to receive the letters, but these are not regular love letters, she writes down every feeling she has for each boy, so that she can get closure for her feelings because once she finishes the letter and seals the envelope, her feelings are gone. The reason why she poured all of her feelings into each letter is because she knows that no one will ever see it, especially not the boys. Anyway she is going through a personal struggle of how she is going to deal with this crazy catastrophe, and basically we accompany her on this journey, and we see how she handles it. This book is very interesting and I find the girl to be a lot like me in her mannerisms, for example she is a quiet person with a very uneventful life until the letters get sent out, and my life is basically, wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, sleep, repeat, so I understand how such a homely person could be extremely unprepared and not know what to do, when such a big thing happens, and since she is a shy person, she pretty much gets ripped out of her comfort zone by being forced to face this type of situation that no one ever has to go through, but rather fears having to go through. You see we have all been attracted to people and we often admire from afar and we wonder if they even know that we exist (unless you are popular of course, which Lara Jean is not), and we like to stay in our comfort zone and not try to talk to them to not risk embarrassment because we know that we are going to get super awkward and yeah… That is not going to help your situation in the slightest… We often think of what would happen if they truly knew how we feel about them, more often then not, we shudder to think what would happen if they found out, so especially someone as inexperienced with this kind of thing as Lara Jean, she would obviously feel like a deer in the headlights, frozen in fear, anticipating the worst possible scenarios, however treads on, which is a very respectable thing to do. I admire how she is a very family orientated person like how since her mother died, her and sisters try to make the load easier on their dad, it is something most kids would agree they should do, but few actually do, so I commend her and her sisters for doing it, I try to help my parents as much as I can and I try to make them feel as though all of their work is not going in vain by doing my part of working hard to get good grades. A lot of the things that happen in the book, helps me to relate to her, and makes me think about what I would have done in each situation she gets into, like how she would play it off when each of the guys come up to her with the letters that she wrote, I would probably just tell them the truth and explain to them that it was a misunderstanding and the letters was for my own personal indulgence, and it was not meant for others to read, especially since the boys in the story seem to be very understanding. And I would face the music instead of trying to avoid it because I am going to have to face it eventually… However, I completely understand why she acts the way she acts in this kind of situation because she has never had any experience with a relationship, all the stuff she knows is from her friend Chris (not really that much of a valid source of information as experiencing it for yourself would be a lot better, since everything becomes opinionated when you tell someone about something), and movies… We can all agree that first person accounts are always better in terms of learning because we can always think back to the point in time when we were in a certain situation and reflect what we did wrong, and what we could have done, or should have done instead, it really builds you up as a person, helps you make better decisions, and helps you to be informed and understand a lot of things better, which you would not really get a feel for unless you have been through it yourself. Well as I said before, this was not a reading journal, but rather a means of organizing as well as formulating my opinions,anyway this is a great book which I very much enjoyed reading, and I plan on checking out other books by this author.


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