The Fappening

You may have already heard of the intimate pictures of many celebrities leaked onto the internet known as “The Fappening”. For those of you who do not know what it is, basically these celebrities took intimate pictures of themselves, presumably to send to their partners or something of the sort, but what happened is that those photos were automatically backed up, or saved to Apple’s iCloud, which is a web storage service that allows you to access your information from anywhere in the world. There was apparently, a glitch in Apple’s Find My iPhone service that had been exploited allowing for the hackers to decrypt the Apple ID of users and access their iCloud data. Once they did this, they saved those pictures to their physical storage devices and distributed the files in exchange for an internet currency known as Bitcoin, on the 4chan imageboards. Once people got their hands on those pictures, there was a frenzy of social media activity, on outlets such as Twitter, Tumbler, and Imgur, causing the pictures to circulate around the internet. Some of the celebrities include Jennifer Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Justice, Hope Solo, Rihanna, Kate Upton, Arianna Grande, Kim Kardashian, and many more.

This whole fiasco caused a major stir, not only for the people trying to get their hands on the pictures, but also those questioning the morals, of those people. Many believe that while those celebrities are in the public eye, they still deserve the basic human right that is, privacy. These celebrities obviously did not intend for these pictures to be leaked on the internet and made available to everyone who can use a computer, but then again, who would? The celebrities have went on to tackle this situation in different ways, such as denying it via social media, taking legal action, and many other ways. Many celebrities that were not involved in the pictures taken spoke out against it saying that it is a disgusting violation of privacy, and that it was not right. Others argue that those pictures should not have been taken in the first place in order to prevent these reprocussions. However, there will always be the argument that people should be able to freely do whatever they want without fearing these type of consequences, and while that would be a very good thing, that would not happen in this world, as we know from Newton’s third law of Physics, there is an equal and opposite reaction, meaning that there will always be consequences for whatever we do, whether it be good or bad.


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