The Most Beautiful Girl in Town

“Beauty is the only thing you have,” my sisters have always said, “you have nothing else.” Growing up, my sisters have always shot me down, not allowing me to do anything productive. I grew up believing that I’m incapable of making something out of my life. After my dad passed and my mom abandoned us, I had no one else to turn to for support. A few mistakes went a long way. I had to learn how to support myself, so I turned to ways where I can get easy cash, by using what came to me naturally; my beauty. A couple of friends of mine told me that there was a position I was capable of filling at the West End Bar.

There were many clients I had to deal with, but one stood out in particular. He’d always tell me that I was beautiful, I know, I get that a lot, but this was different. I knew he meant more that just my appearance. But just to be sure, I tested him. I stuck a pin in my nose and it hurt him, I asked him if I was still pretty, even with the pin and all the blood on my face. His reply? “Pretty isn’t the word, it hardly does you fair.” This wasn’t the answer I was looking for, but it was pretty sweet. No matter how much I tried to push him away, he was persistent. He wasn’t like the others, he was different. He had a certain warmth to him. It’s like I didn’t want this to end.

But it did. He became more distant, I haven’t seen him for six months, These six months have been hell and back for me, I felt abandoned yet again. No love, no support, no one to turn to. And then he came back, but that didn’t change much. I became depressed and it began to take over more and more each day. I couldn’t handle it, and I had to end this misery.


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