My Most Eventful Saturday Ever

I never expect to do anything on the weekend, mainly because I am so focused on homework and well, I never do anything, except for those super rare times when I actually do do things. However on Saturday, October, 4th/ 2014, I did so many things. It all started the night before, when I was rushing through my last minute changes for my English work, my mom was talking to her friend who was telling my mom about a dog that would be going to a pound if someone did not take it. My mom was interested in taking the dog and I had plans to get a driving lesson that day, so my mom called my driving instructor and asked her if she could drop us off there after my driving lesson was done, and she agreed. So the next morning, I woke up pretty excited because I was going to do a couple of things, and I did not have any homework, I called my friend on a Skype. As 1:35 neared, I went outside and skateboarded while I waited for my driving instructor, then I received a call from my sister, and she asked me if I wanted to go trail riding with her and I said yes, but that I have to do a couple of things before I go and she said alright. So after my driving lesson, my instructor told me that I have improved so much and that my driving is amazing, which of course made me feel pretty happy. After that, I made my way to the dog, who is a cute 1 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, I played with him and once we let him out, he was jumping all over me, which is why my clothes got very muddy… After that, my mom and her friend were talking in her friends apartment, so I stayed outside and played with the dog. When we were leaving, the dog was crying for me, I guess in the little amount of time I spent with the dog, he grew to love me. Next my mom and I rode the bus to a store before we went home. My sister called me, asking if I was ready and I told her that I was not yet at home, but we were on the bus home. When my sister came to my house, she brought some chairs and stuff, which we put in the garage. On the way to the farm where my sister’s horse stays, we were up to our usual routine, joking around, talking, etc. As you know from my first blog, my sister is 28 years old and does not live with me, but despite those facts, we are still pretty close. Once we go to the farm, we were greeted (for lack of a better word) by 7 Great Danes, and a Pit Bull. We started walking over to where the paddock and stable is, when we saw a donkey, a pig, and goat, just chilling outside of the enclosures. Then someone came to drop off some hay bales for the animals, but it was more a shipment, it was a lot of hay bales like over 30 bales and we had to carry them about 150 meters, for all of you city folk, these bales are the smallest size, and they weigh 65 lbs each. Since there were a lot of them I carried two of them at a time, but the thing about those hay bales is that since they are so heavy, the strings which keep them together, dig into your hands, which is why you should have gloves, which I did not have… After that, we tacked up the horses (put the saddles, reins, etc on) and we hopped onto the horses. I have not rode a horse in a while, but I ride racehorses, and ex racehorses, which is known as English style. However since we were trail riding, we had to ride the horses Western style, which is pretty different. We rode the horses across the road to the trail. The trail was a forested/woodland type area, which can be seen in the video. During the ride, my sister and I were talking, and joking around, but it was so calm and relaxing to be at one with nature. It was starting to get dark so my sister and I made our way to the exit and returned the horses to their homes, took off the tack, and released them back into the paddock. Once we left the farm, my sister took me to this amazing burger and Souvlaki place, it was so amazing there, the food, the atmosphere, we are definitely going back there next time we go trail riding. In all the commotion and eventfulness of the day, I forgot that I promised my uncle that I would walk with him to the store, so I called him and told him to get ready, and when I got there, we would go. Once I got home, after waiting for a bit, I went to the store with my uncle. I’ll give you some background to why I always accompany my uncle to the store, basically my uncle always goes to the store alone, but one day, a couple of years ago, he had a heart attack and a seizure, but thank God someone was there with him, so he made it to the hospital. I always go with him because I do not want that to happen to him if he is alone. After all that, I went to my bed, watching YouTube videos until I fell asleep, as usual.

IMG_20141004_155112 IMG_20141004_175758 IMG_20141004_175834 IMG_20141004_183825 IMG_20141004_192343


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