My Grandma’s 85th Birthday

Well, it was just the other day that I posted a blog about how important to me my grandmother is, and on Wednesday, October, 15th/2014, she turned 85 years of age. Though my grandmother is physically old, there is not one person I know that is a young on the inside as her, she really likes to have fun, and you can talk to her about anything, literally, ANYTHING. No matter if you think that that subject is inappropriate, you can speak to her on it, of even explain it to her, perhaps this is why everyone loves her? for her young  at heart personality? but I am pretty sure I am the only one aware of her open-minded side, but anyway, let’s get into the story. Well basically, after school, I went to Osman’s so that I could pick up a shwarma to eat when I got got home, so I told my friends that I would meet them on the bus, however, it took a bit longer than expected, because that was my first time going there, plus I had a little ways to go, to get to the bus stop, but luckily I had my skateboard, so as soon as I got the food, I put it in my bag, and skateboarded to the bus stop, and I got there right on time to catch the bus, you see, my bus takes a while to come and if you miss it… you may as well just walk home, which is what my friends and I normally do. So anyway, once I got home, I was greeted by my aunt whom lives downtown, she came for my granny’s birthday. I ate my shwarma, spoke to everyone, then I went off to bed, for my daily nap. I was woken up by my sister whom came for the party with her boyfriend, but well… I fell back asleep… Anyway, when I finally did wake up, I went to the kitchen, where everyone was and everyone was laughing and having a good time, so I ate some food and my cousin came over, but I had a test the next day, so I went downstairs, where my uncle was, and started to study. After studying for a bit, my uncle and I started watching a TV, and a show called A Stranger in my Home came on, so we decided to watch it. After the episode ended, I went back upstairs and, well everyone was gone, I may have forgotten to mention that I was downstairs for a couple of hours, anyway everyone had a great time, a fun, stress-free environment.


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