I have been reading a book called Thirteen Reasons Why, which is about a girl, who kills herself, but before she does, she records some tapes for each of the thirteen people whom she blames for her killing herself, and in the book I got to a part where she talks about poetry, and how it helped her to cope, with stress, and in my English class, we learned about Charles Bukowski and how he expressed how he was feeling with his poetry. Something inspired me to express my feelings through poetry, so I attempted it and, well, it really helped me to understand things about myself and, it definitely helped me let out somethings and also convert those things into creative productivity. Maybe I might start to put my poetry on here one day, who knows? But something I’ve learned even though I’m green when it comes to writing poetry, is that you have to be inspired, or have feelings towards something in order to get a very powerful effect out of it. Perhaps you could write about your past, your ideas of the world, your feelings toward your fellow man (and woman). It all starts with one idea, or feeling and it branches off towards a deeper meaning, something which not everyone perceives the same way, just like Shakespeare, his works can be examined in many different ways and perceived in many ways as well, however only he knows what he really meant. In fact your writing style gives a look into you and your feelings, because your mind subconsciously adds your own feelings deeper in your works, like in the book, Hannah wrote a poem which to her seemed as though she was writing about her mom, however, Ryan, a boy in her poetry club, analyzed it and he told her that it represents her inner feelings towards herself, and she realized that he was right. This really shows you how powerful your mind truly is, and how you may think you know yourself, however there is a lot of things which you have yet to discover, which is where things like poetry come in, it can really help you “find yourself”.


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