Napoleon Bonaparte

I have been learning about Napoleon in my Western History class and I must say that he is a very controversial figure, you will either love him or hate him, there is no in between. There is something about him that draws me to him, I do not know what it is, perhaps because it seems as though we are a lot a like in terms of our love of knowledge and learning. When he was younger, he learned every possible thing he could, which is a lot like me. He also desensitized himself to do things that he believes is best even if it means sacrificing something, which is where he gets a lot of hate for, he showed disregard for human life whenever he had a goal in mind, like Moscow, and Siberia. He established the Napoleonic Code, which changed France to sport the revolutionary and enlightened characteristic. In the Napoleonic Code, he declared that everyone was equal under the law, meaning there were no more special privileges given to nobles, clergy, or the wealthy, which ended the inequality and feudalism in France which the peasants, or lower class so greatly appreciated. He also made it that trial was done before a jury, which it had never been before, it had always been before a king. Everyone was given the right to believe in whatever religion they wanted to without judgement or discrimination. He also provided education for the people, so that everyone had the chance to be educated and enlightened in order to further the development of France. While he was a monarch, he contrasted very much with Louis XVI because he cared about the people, which is evident when he tried to make sure that every major group gained from his rule. For example, when he abolished feudalism, it made sure that the peasants could keep their land, which was one of the things that made the peasants want to abolish monarchy in the first place, inequality. Louis XVI also had no regard for the people of France, and even after he held the Estates-General, nothing changed at all, which caused people to lose hope in him. Napoleon made it that the peasants no longer had to pay tithes, which took away the small wages which the peasants made, further crippling them financially. Napoleon physically built up France; he would build new roads, canals, and bridges. He also rebuilt old buildings, improving their overall structural integrity, and built new buildings all together. He was a very impartial man, which can be seen when he changed the rules to allow people to climb up the ranks in the military which was not possible for people who were not of noble or upper class to go beyond Captain. And he accomplished just about everything he promised, bringing immense glory to France, and setting them free of all past misfortunes. Not only was he a hero in France, but he was also a hero to the Italians, the Egyptians, and also a hero to Poland. He liberated the Italians from the iron fist of Austria by driving the Austrians out of Italy and he ordered his army to not steal from Italy, which is very honourable, and opposite to what others would have done. There is a lot that can be said about a man like Napoleon Bonaparte.


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