Determinism in Crash

Determinism is a philosophical category which believes that all events, including human choices, and decisions, have an adequate cause which means that everything is predetermined. In the movie entitled Crash there are a lot events which take place, that can be viewed as predetermined. Crash is about a group of Los Angeles citizens with extensively different lives colliding in intertwining stories of racial and social apprehension. There are a lot of things that happen in life that can really make one wonder the chances of such things happening, and with such people, like if Person A hurts Person B and it really traumatizes Person B, it can really change the way Person B looks at Person A and even people like them in a negative way, and if Person A decides to help Person B after that happens, chances are person Person B will not accept it, even if it means certain death, however if it has been determined by possibly a supreme being, then it will come through even with the unbelievable chances of Person A and Person B crossing paths again, leading to the closure and forgiveness of the prior encounters. That scenario happens in Crash, when there is a report of a Lincoln Navigator which has been car jacked and the police officers pull over a similar Navigator despite some discrepancies in the description , once they pulled over, the officers begin to pat-down the alleged perpetrators, Television director, Cameron Thayer, and his wife Christine. One of the officers, John Ryan begins to molest Christine because she is being argumentative much  to the dismay of his partner, Tom Hansen. The officers let them go since they committed no crime, however Christine was traumatized and confronted her husband as he did nothing to stop the molestation even though he was witnessing it, but in all fairness there was nothing he could do because he was being racially profiled even do he did nothing wrong. Later on in the movie, officer Ryan is responding to call of a car accident, but he notices that there is a car that is overturned, and he went inside to help the person inside, and it turns out to be Christine, the same woman he molested, under the false pretense of patting her down. When she recognizes Ryan, she became hysterical, but there is a gasoline leak from her car moving towards another car which is on fire, he managed to calm her down and once he does so, he manages to pull her out of the wreck with the help of bystanders right as her car bursts into flames. There was definitely a deterministic feel to this story especially when you take into account that these two crossed paths again because it could have been another officer who came to her aid, but it ended up being him there, at that exact place and time to come to her aid and save her life, the same one who molested her, maybe not bringing forgiveness, but definitely bringing closure to the trauma that she suffered at the hands of him.


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