Society and the Roles of Women

Society influences what we think a lot like what would be okay and what isn’t, but one could argue that societal values and norms are very biased, especially towards females. If you were to watch a movie, how do you see women being portrayed? What are they wearing? How are they being treated? These ideas paint unfavourable pictures in the heads of people and they lead to unorthodox ideas, which get exhibited outwardly, which we are about to see in the video. For example, what do you think a woman’s role in society is, or should be? I personally think that women, and girls too, already have a lot of things to worry about, a lot more than a man, and so a woman should not given anything more to worry about and once again, society adds even more pressure and oppression to women’s situation. You see, not only does a woman have to worry about family, work, finance, and their well being, but they also have to worry about being raped, catcalled, degraded, etc. A guy does not have to worry about this kind of stuff, we’re not saying that guys don’t get harassed, but it is a lot more frequent with women than with men. Women are demoted to a value where visuals are what is looked for the most. It is the most desired objective from a woman is to be hot or pretty and that puts a pressure on a woman to please the man. Women are then objectified when faced on the streets. It is very degrading and immoral, which brings in the philosophical category of ethics.

Ethics as stated before is known as the study of morals, which is whether something is good or bad in moral principles and it completely relates to this subject because it is as though people throw their morals away whenever they treat women in this way. Strangely enough, some people think that they are doing something good by doing these things, and ethics takes both of these perspectives into account for this idea. So ethics can be used to test the fairness of a situation, such as how people should treat each other, which is the case of this situation.


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