Miss T

There is an elderly lady, whom we call Miss T. Miss T was diagnosed with, from what I heard stomach cancer. Miss T and her family are very close family friends, and my mom often reminisces about all the times she would talk to Miss T, and how she could talk to her about anything, much like I am with my grandmother.  At the time she was in the hospital, my step-dad was also in the hospital after having a stroke, so when I went to visit him, my mom and I decided to go an visit her as well. When we got there, her granddaughter was there, and we were all catching up. Miss T was a very nice and lively person, I remember when I was little, I asked her to sleep over, and believe it or not, she actually did. To this day, I still feel as though that was one of the nicest things someone could do because when you are a kid and you ask someone to do something like sleep over, they probably won’t, especially if they are an older person. But anyways, I asked Miss T’s granddaughter if she could take a picture of Miss T and I, I am really glad that I did because Miss T is no longer with us, On November, . Rest in peace Miss T, you will never know how much your “little” in your eyes, acts of kindness have affected me. God bless.


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