The Jian Ghomeshi Case and Objectivity

Media outlets have a major importance in the lives of many because they cannot find out the information for themselves, and so they rely on the news to tell them what is happening.

I am going to analyse an article which I read and then conclude whether or not I think that this article is biased or not.

Sexual-assault victims lack confidence in justice system, study says

The main idea of the article “Sexual-assault victims lack confidence in justice system, study says” is how women who are victims of sexual assault (more specifically the victims in the Jian Ghomeshi case) are not confident in the judicial system because they believe that it lacks respect for the victims. This article also highlights the reasons as to why the victims did not report to the police about the incident. Out of the many reasons why the women did not come forward after the incident is because the victims were too ashamed and embarrassed to come forward and say that they were sexually assaulted. Another reason would be that the women did not want to encounter their offender in court, for they do not have faith that justice will prevail; they fear that he might be acquitted or found innocent, and he would then assault the victims further as revenge for exposing him. Last but definitely not the least, the victims were traumatized and did not want to relive the story of their sexual assault, so they coped with it in different ways, both positive such as reading, and exercising, as well as negative such as drug, and alcohol abuse. In my opinion, these reasons are good reasons because this one case stands for many cases of the same type: the embarrassment, the lack of faith that justice will prevail, due to inequality and their fear of the consequences for them if he is not convicted. As well as the immense trauma that they already had to endure, and the fact that they would have to relive their traumatic experiences if they were to testify against their offender. Also it gives a first person account of the victim’s experiences; showing us the ways the victims are overcoming their struggles in an unbiased way by showing both the positive and negative things that they did. If I were to be a critique of this case, I would argue that this article is biased. It is biased because it lacks the point of view of the accused, Jian Ghomeshi, but then again, he is not part of the actual idea; he was just part of the background cause, so my critique is therefore invalid, and so the article is in fact, not biased.

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