Bullying, And My Message to You

My last post was my own personal story of bullying. I was stabbed in the back by people whom I thought were my friends, and they continuously tortured me every day; making fun of my for the things I liked, my race, anything they old think of… I wished that I would die many times, but I decided that I only had a couple months left of dealing with that horrid treatment. And I came to a realization, those people harming me did not matter to me at all, even after I die, they will not be there, it will be only me and God, and the same for them, they will not have each other, they will be alone with God, and they will be accountable for causing the suffering which they had inflicted upon me. After that, nothing they said or did to me mattered, I no longer cared because all I needed to do was keep it together until I graduated… This of course was easier said than done… However as the days went by, I grew happier and happier as I counted down the days until my suffering would end. At this point in time my confidence was very fragile because some things were happening at home, but that is for another blog. Everyday I went to school, I went to school with a very heavy heart and sometimes I would want to cry. But because of my immense trust in God, I pushed through it. And I made it. Graduation! Definitely one of the happiest moments of my life! Everyone else was sad and crying that they would never see each other again. I on the other hand, was celebrating! “I’ll never have to see these cretins again, its all over!” I thought. I did learn a lot of things because of this experience though, like trust in God since God gave me the strength I needed.

Disclaimer: There was a lot of horrible things which I have endured, both physical, and mental.

However, reader, I say onto you, no matter how hard things may be, no matter the pain you endure, it gets better, never give up, I am telling you this as someone who made it through this horrible experience in my life, which in itself is already full of tragedies. Thank you, and remember, you are the one who hurts yourself, others can only hurt you if you let them.


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