Update #2

So… Once again I have not posted in a while, simply due to being busy with all of the homework that I have been given to my teachers, so I have decided to use my next couple of blogs as a way of showcasing the work that I have been doing in my absence. Basically, I have this 3 page report to do on a historical figure of my choice, and I have to be prepared for an oral component as well explaining why chose them, and some other questions. For this I chose Immanuel Kant because I found his ideas on enlightenment to be very intriguing (p.s. be prepared to hear a lot about him, like at least 3 blogs about him). I am also working with a partner on a philosophy ISU on the topic: Is There A God? Basically we split it up into two parts: Theism and Atheism, for this I am doing Theism and my partner is of course doing Atheism. In it, I am exploring the different philosophers and their philosophies regarding Theism. This report is literally just review for me because we went over all of that stuff in class, so all I really had to do was find some finer details on it from books and internet sources and then I am done. I have also been reading The Fault in our Stars by John Green, and I’ll write a blog about that too when I am finished reading it, as of now, I am at page 122.


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