Introduction- Theism

Ever since the beginning of time, people have wondered whether or not, there is indeed a God. There were many many different beliefs, ideas and theories, which began to spark what we now know as religion. However, we began to stray away from our ideas of using religion as proof for the existence of God because it did not give “valid” proof of God’s existence in the eyes of the non-believers, or atheists. So we took a different approach, trying to prove God’s existence through reasoning, this belief system is known as theism. This is basically the belief that one Supreme Being is the source and sustainer of the universe and at the the same time, different from it. This is slightly different from deism as theism believes that the Supreme Being created everything, and continues to intervene to this very day, and deism also believes that a Supreme Being did in fact create everything, but they believe that the Supreme Being no longer intervenes.


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