Immanuel Kant – Theism

Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher who is considered a very important person in modern philosophy. Kant’s ideas of God come from his argument/differing views in comparison to fellow contemporary philosopher, David Hume, and his idea’s on empiricism, which is the belief that knowledge comes solely from what we experience. Kant believes that knowledge is neither empiricism or rationalism, but rather, both. Kant believes that knowledge is the unification of reason and experience. Kant refers to the idea of God and the immortal souls of humans (like passing on into another life, instead of dying of), as Ideas of Reason, which means that while those things cannot be experienced, they come from basic reasoning. Kant says that those concepts can be thought because they are generally positive, and lead to positive consequences for example, being inspired by the idea of God, will make the person act morally good.


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