Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh – A Philosophical Perspective

For this blog post, I have chosen “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. I have chosen this because Van Gogh is my favourite artist and this is a wonderful work of art done by him. This is artwork because it invokes feeling and it is a very inspiring piece that has been admired by many people, and it will continue to be admired for years to come. This piece is appealing because it is in a very traditional style of art and it gives the audience a feel of awe since the artist was able to do that kind of work in the premodern times, when they did not have the technology and the knowledge of art that we have now, and that in itself deserves admiration. My answers to the questions above reflect my views of art because I view that the way that we value art depends on what we view as art. Since we all have different views on what is beautiful and what is not, beauty is subjective and in the eye of the beholder so to speak. However in my answers, I show that some art is liked by a greater audience because of the simple feeling it invokes and the time in which it was produced. Though it may be liked by a greater audience, it still lacks objectivity because not everyone in the world will have the same view; their views may vary even in the simplest of terms. The theory that supports my view of aesthetics is Rene Descartes’ because in his theory, he believes that beauty pleases, and if something pleases, it is in some way beautiful. This means that the value of the aesthetics is based purely on how it is received by the people, or how they take it. Which agrees with what I think about art because of the varying degrees of interest and the acceptance by the people affects the value of the artwork. And because of everyone’s different experiences and ideas, every piece has a different value to each person. So in conclusion, the value that art carries varies from person to person, and therefore, it is more often than not, subjective.


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