Personal Connections- To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

The book I am reading is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. In my honest opinion, it is a great book, it is definitely a nice book for someone to read in their spare time, or any time for that matter. The atmosphere is very relatable for any teenage life, no matter how different they may seem, they will be able to make some kind of connection with Lara Jean, even if it is as general, or seemingly insignificant as liking someone because we have all liked someone at some point or another in life.

I really feel for Lara Jean, whom is a very introverted homebody and does not really do much without her family, except perhaps going to school. And she writes the letters confessing her love for each of the boys who she loved, and going down to every last little detail in each letter to the point where she could not even attempt to deny that she wrote them. I feel for her because it is not easy to just simply step out of your comfort zone, even a little, and she got absolutely thrown into the deep end. So to see her in this kind of peril it seemed very sad and pitiful.

In the story I like pretty much every character from her dad, to Josh Sanderson, to Peter Kavinsky. Each of these characters may have some flaws, but it is as though you can relate to them and look past their flaws, and see them for who they are. The only person whom I do not like, would have to be Genevieve, she is basically the “queen bee” of her school and whatever she said goes, whatever she wanted, was hers, including but not limited to Peter Kavinsky, her on and off, but currently ex-boyfriend. She causes so much trouble for Lara Jean and her best friend Chris, who just happens to be Genevieve’s cousin. For Lara Jean, Genevieve has spread so many rumours and bullied her, making her feel threatened to the point where, whenever she saw her, she would get anxiety. Which is not healthy and it really adds to Lara Jean’s struggle, which is already difficult enough as it is.

My favourite thing about this chapter is simply the feeling of when Margot and Lara Jean made up after the worst fight they have ever had in their lives. I found it to be a very heartwarming moment, especially after the hostile fight between Peter and Josh, which ultimately led to Margot finding out things that she should not of, like when Josh kissed Lara Jean while she was away.

To be honest I like everything about the book, except the end, the reason I like this book so much is because I got to see all of the characters grow in front of my eyes in a sense and deal with their own internal struggles and they all coped with it in different ways. Another reason why I liked this book so much is because the whole atmosphere of the book is very relaxed and home centred, so you get a warm, homely feel from it, and that makes it a very great book to sit down and read while you are relaxing, which is a great quality when reading a book, but the funny thing is that though it was so calming, whenever there were conflicts, you felt as though you were there and you are hoping that nothing bad happens to any of the characters. I really liked everything about the book except the ending because the ending really was not an ending, perhaps the author is setting up for another book? If so, I would definitely give it a read.


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