Thirteen Reasons Why-Personal Opinions

In Thirteen Reasons Why, it gives a first-hand account of how depression affects people, and the factors that may push someone to commit suicide. It

takes a lot to push someone to that, which is very surprising because it seems as though it wouldn’t take so much to break that person down, maybe that person is still trying to make things better, even if there is little to no hope in their eyes.


This is a really great book because I can feel for the characters like Clay, he really cared for Hannah and he did notice things about her changing, and he wanted to help her, but he felt as though she was pushing him away, when really she was crying for help, which he really begins to understand. I really do feel upset that Clay will never get another chance with her because you can tell he actually loved her and he was possibly the only one that could have helped her, but sadly he did not and so, the regret is eating away at him, even though she said that he does not need to feel guilty, it only makes him feel guilty that he had many chances to help her, and he did nonot.


I really like Clay, I think that he is a really nice guy, who actually cared for like no one else did and I really think that he should have ended up with her, because maybe he could have taken away all of the pain, making her feel good again, and possibly prevented her suicide, which would have been great.

In the whole book there is one character whom I strongly dislike and that is Bryce. He has a bad (well good to some guys) reputation, that for once, someone actually deserves. He has mistreated his girlfriend, degrading them in public, he sexually harasses girls, and he also rapes girls as well. This guy is definitely bad news, and he the sad part is that he probably does not feel bad about it in the slightest stretch of the imagination.

I really like this book, but I am very saddened that Hannah actually did take her own life, she deserved to live because she did nothing to deserve such a fate, however I believe that the people in the book who received the tapes, with the exception of Clay, completely deserve to feel bad, that they are the reason for her death. My favourite part about this chapter is that it shows that Clay actually learned from this experience because not many people would learn from this, some people would care for a time, and then their lives would continue as it did before like Bryce, however there are some that this kind of thing will affect for the rest of their lives and it opens their eyes and they will learn from it, like Clay did. However that was the whole point of this thing, shedding some light on the mysterious question, how and why did Hannah kill herself.

I really did like this book, it pulls you in and submerges you in this great struggle to get a deeper understanding of the cause of her struggle. And it helps you to see a specific case of depression, which makes it extremely relatable.



  1. I Aint Giving U My Name · August 15, 2017

    Your title said personal connections and u just saying why u liked the book. I DO NOT CARE IF U LIKED THE BOOK OR NOT MAN. Fix ur title

    • Anna Baker · August 15, 2017

      I am looking for connections from personal life to the book also. This title is misleading. Please fix it

      • miguelj094791 · December 5, 2017

        The title has been fixed, thank you!

    • Lay Jensen · August 15, 2017

      I agree with whoever that was too

    • miguelj094791 · December 5, 2017

      My apologies, I have not used this account for a very long time and as a result, I was not notified of your comment until I logged in recently. Thank you very much for your comment. If there are any suggestions for what you would like me to write about, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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